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  • Posted on October 18, 2013 at 9:57 pm


Here I was put on a medication (patch) for my chronic pain and yes it has been working for my pain but we just have to get the proper dose of it now. I thought FANTASTIC I know that it isn’t going to take my pain down fully but at least it will cut it down to about 12 or so. Well my great luck as it is lol lol I ended up with a different form of medication the second set of patches were made by a different company, which in turn gave me sores that look like burns on my chest and shoulder. The very first patch done by the new company gave a little breakout of a rash. The second patch gave me a rash that looked like a burn on my chest. After I go to the doctor and he sees this you aren’t going to believe what happens. Just my luck and then tell me if I do or don’t have reasons to be frustrated.




This is my chest the area where the patch was. This is the rash that looks like the burn and the following few pictures are of the same areas. It is so sore there is also an area on my shoulder that is the same and very sore as well.
















df6506f8-0c65-4c9b-b449-6930a8e990feThis one is from my left shoulder.






Okay so I had a doctor appointment and the doctor says to me NOT to use that patch anymore because I am having a reaction theres something in the glue that I am allergic to. We are trying another patch with another glue that hopefully I wont have a reaction to. He gives me a prescription and it is taken to the drugstore to be filled. I am on ODSP and they cover certain medications. I got a call many hours after the prescription was taken in to be filled. They inform me that the medication is not covered and it was going to cost me 117.00 for a 2 week supply. Well obviously I tell them I can’t afford that so they cant order it. The next day both me and my cousin were on the phone to different people to get things figured out. We got things figured out by noon. Once again I am thinking okay great the new medication is going to be delivered and I will be able to get that on my arm and my pain will be brought down some. Well by the time 6p.m. comes I am starting to wonder whats going on so I phone the pharmacy and they told me the delivery person was there at that time so my medication will be here within the next 5 to 10 minutes. I’m thinking okay great (remember the time frame here it is important) and once again I sit and wait, and wait and wait, and time is dragging on and on and on, it’s about 7p.m. now so I phone them again the answer I get is OH LISA WHAT TIME DID YOU SAY YOU WANTED IT DELIVERED BECAUSE IT DIDN’T GET PUT OUT FOR DELIVERY it was still sitting in the Rexall Pharma Plus Drugmart. (I will tell you by this time I can feel my blood pressure rising and I am in a bad mood ) They were going to TRY to get in touch with the delivery person because they SHOULD be able to get back there and pick up my medication and deliver it later.

I mean we had asked before 1 oclock in the afternoon to have the medication delivered and the delivery doesnt start til about 5 or 6. When I called at 6 p.m. and they told me my medication would be 5 or 10 minutes because the driver was there at that time. Then they ask me if I could have someone come and pick it up for me, by this time I am really getting cranky and ready to rant on them so I said NO THAT’S WHY ITS SUPPOSE TO BE DELIVERED!!!!   They asked me my address (meanwhile its on the tags for my prescription, then they ask me the closest intersection, and by this time I said THE SAME AS YOURS I AM RIGHT BEHIND THE LIQUOR  STORE.

I finally got the medication but even when I got it the delivery guy was NOT very friendly he kinda slapped it quickly in my hand and took off.  I can’t get over the fact that when Nina, Mildred, and there are a few others there that I don’t have any problems but when they are not there I always have problems or issues. I usually try to deal with Mildred or Nina, and there are a few other people in that drug store that are very very good people.

Now you can make your decisions as to if I had the right to be angry or not………………………….Thanks




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Great Phonecall on Friday before Thanksgiving

  • Posted on October 6, 2012 at 7:30 pm

Well I have been waiting for anywhere from 2 to 3 years to be able to try a medication called Lyrica. I have been tried on many many medications that is suppose to help with chronic pain as well as my seizures. (as most of you know I am epileptic.) I had been denied for Lyrica once from my family doctor and disability told me that I had to try other medications that were covered with their coverage first. Well this weekend with it being Thanksgiving weekend I couldn’t have gotten a better phone call from my neuroligists office. I was sitting watching television at approximately 5:30 p.m. when my phone rang and it was Dr. Borretts office. The first thing that went through my head was ohno I missed an appointment. The secretary proceeded to tell me that they had received a letter in regards to the Lyrica that my doctor had requested I be approved for. He has it down for 2 reasons to help control my Epilepsy and to help me with my chronic pain. That was the best Thanksgiving news I could have gotten as it is finally covered and not only is it just covered for the usual 1 year , but it is covered for me for life. I am sure I was smiling from ear to ear because this is a medication that has a lot of positive feedback about it as well it is used for fibermyalga. The doctors office was going to call the pharmacy and fax them the letter for me to be able to get this new medication. Well I waited a while then I called the pharmacy and apparently they didn’t receive a prescription but they did receive a cover letter telling them that it is indeed covered now for me. I just have to be patient and wait until Tuesday due to the Thanksgiving Holiday. I am hoping that anyone that has taken Lyrica can tell me of any of their side affects or issues that any have had. Have you had good bad or indifferent experiences with this medication?

I will be letting you know how I am tolerating this medication and how my seizures as well as my Chronic Pain is. This is going to work for me as this is the last one that I have the option of trying to help me with my Chronic Pain. This Thanksgiving I have finally got great news about this medication and if / when this works I will be able to get off some of my other medications as they wont be needed anymore which makes me more than happy.

Couldn’t have had a better Thanksgiving gift than getting my Lyrica covered for life from the Section 8 for special need of a certain medication……. so yes I am very happy even though this Thanksgiving I am spending alone ( me and my cat smokey)


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Donate coffee money…..

  • Posted on July 4, 2012 at 12:29 pm

As some may know Lisa (my cousin) is currently in hospital. I want to do something special for her. She really needs a window AC as this heat is really bad for her. Please donate coffee money to help raise money to cover cost and to pay the $35/mth her building charges for hydro. It was 29C in her apt today. Please help with coffee money as she is on disability and cannot afford an AC. Please send any donations through Paypal to david@dgbaker.com

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My need to rant and scream

  • Posted on June 3, 2012 at 7:11 pm

I just am so fed up anymore that I don’t know what is next. I have tried to laugh and joke around about my legs but I can’t as of yet. I usually joke around to deal with my health but the way I am feeling lately I have been very depressed because it seems like I get one thing started to straighten out and another thing starts up or I end up with something else.

Some people just don’t understand what I go through and some days you just want to give up. There are many days that I want to yell at the top of my lungs that NO BODY understands the hell I go through on a daily basis. I can not cook or clean up the apartment by myself and I just feel plain useless due to all of these things.

I have been all my life independent until I was beat in Brampton with a baseball bat. I was attacked in the head with the bat and ever since then my health has gone from bad to worse. I know that I am still lucky to be alive but maybe some people may be able to understand a bit better now what I go through and why lately I have gotten so discouraged and frustrated and just fed right up with everything in my daily life. I can not go out a anywhere I have to always have someone with me so I feel like a little kid needing a babysitter 24/7. Yes I have feeling in my body unlike a couple years ago, but with this pain sometimes I wish I didn’t because at least I wouldn’t feel the pain that I continue to go through.

My doctor is checking me for other health issues now as well as sending me to an Internist Doctor which are what as known as Puzzle Doctors. Their job is to explain what other doctors are having trouble explaining why. She will look at my entire health and try and find a reason for all these issues happening.

Please think of other people and try to help at least one person even if it is to make them smile as you never know how that could brighten up their day. I know if one of my online friends says “hi” I try to say hi back as soon as I can.

I have been fighting and fighting with things over my health for so long now it just makes me wonder if it is ever going to stop. You know I used to have a saying that “the Big Guy upstairs doesn’t give you more than you can handle, but I think I have had my limit and then some so I wish I would just get a break from more health issues coming out. The pain I am in constantly on a scale from 1 to 10 is usually about a 17 now and that is only from the surgery’s that went bad and the nerve damage. Then there is the pain in my legs with the burning and stinging from the nerves. I had the fan on the other day and even the little bit of wind from a fan drives me crazy with the pain in the legs. I have 2 toes that have been going numb more and more lately and when I go to the doctor again I have to tell him about this now.

I’ve had some so called “friends” make comments when I post things that are quite upsetting and have now made it that much more difficult for me to write. But a few people have said for me to continue with writing and screw everyone else. They don’t like it then they can move on.

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The NEW “Ask ‘lil Lisa”

  • Posted on December 28, 2011 at 7:55 pm

Well after some thinking I’ve decided to start an Ask ‘lil Lisa area. I get lots of people asking me questions all the time about different health things, how to deal with situations etc… So it seems only right to share my experiences and answers with everyone.

Now I am not a doctor, I don’t have initials after my name or anything, so before using any advise whether from this site or any site, always talk to YOUR Doctor, Pharamacist, Nutritionist etc… I take no responsibilty for your health or well-being.

Now that is out of the way… what is Ask ‘lil Lisa? Well, it is what it says, if you have questions regarding things like, Epilepsy, Chronic Pain, Seizures (non-epileptic), IBS, Incontenants, Chrons, Celiac Disease, Seizure/Epilepsy medications, dealing with events in your life, or any of the like, ask me. I will give you my personal advise and in some cases my own personal experiences in dealing and coping with these issues and more.

Just click on the link at the top called “Ask ‘lil Lisa” and ask a question or read others questions and my answers.

Again, when it comes to health, always consult a real doctor before doing or changing things. Use of information on this site is meant to help inform and make it easier for you to talk to a professional about options.

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Explanation of Vicious Cycles

  • Posted on November 7, 2011 at 11:24 pm

I am not writing these for pity from anyone or to have anyone feel sorry for me but to try to have people understand how things are and how things interact with health issues

There are so many things that people do not realize when it comes to health issues making like a vicious circle. Last night I was laying watching television, and the tv made a loud sound. I inturn jumped and then that made the pain increase over another 10 times. As most of you know I have epilepsy and when my pain increases from the vulvodynia that sets off the seizures, but last night the pain increased so much that it actually made me sick to my stomache as well as it set off my I.B.S. I had taken my pain meds and had to try to take gravol to try to settle my stomache as well. When the seizures happen your body Is like dead weight therefore things just go from bad to worse. I today have been trying to recover from not only from the seizures but trying to get the pain back somewhat under control. I am on medication daily for the pain and I have never had the experience of being sick to my stomach over the pain. I have had my heart rate increase due to the pain and it also causes me to sweat profusely.

The pain increase set off my seizures and with that I couldn’t situate myself properly the way I usually do when sleeping. I usually have to sleep with 2 pillows between my legs as the pain is unbearable if I don’t and then the pain meds can not keep up with the pain to try to help keep the pain a bit down. Therefore a little thing like a loud noise can cause me to jump and tense up and that increases the pain. You don’t realize how many things can be affected by one health issue. I never did realize how 1 thing can affect others. Today I was out of it for over 12 hours and most people would say well why are you complaining.

If I was just sleeping it would be great, the thing is I WASN’T just sleeping I was having constant seizures due to the pain, When I finally came out of the seizures I had to immediately try to get the pain down a bit or the cycle would continue. I am sore from the seizures (which is normal after having seizures).

Trying to get the pain down a bit to where it normally is and have my system relax and stop my heart rate from being up as well as the sweating from the pain is NOT easy. Pain itself makes you tense, and when you have other things going on it makes it 10 times worse.


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My Story / Experience with Vulvodynia

  • Posted on October 24, 2011 at 5:51 pm

I spent a month in the hospital due to my epilepsy and while I was there I ended up getting a Bartholin’s gland abscess and the hospital made me wait for a full week while the abscess got worse and worse. The Toronto Western Hospital did not have a gynecologist and had to ship me to another hospital. They didn’t do anything until I was going to sign myself out of the hospital after exhausting every other avenue. I had begged, pleaded with the doctors and nurses there. I do have to say that there was a nurse that once she seen the size of the abscess she couldn’t believe it and actually after her shift was over she phoned to see how I was doing. I was sent over to Mount Sinai Hospital by taxi with my medical records.Once I got to Mount Sinai my heart rate was up, as well as my blood pressure, due to pain and the actual gynecologist said that they had never seen an abscess that large as it was the size of a baseball and they had to do the surgery in the triage of the emergency room. It had started to bleed a bit and was going to explode. They did the surgery and had to make 2 incisions as couldn’t get it completely drained with the first incision. They packed it and then sent me back to The Toronto Western Hospital. I had to take the packing out the next day and the hospital had me remove it myself. My sister tried to help remove it the next day but the packing got stuck and she was afraid to hurt me so I ended up removing it, without the help of any nurse. The stitches started breaking the day the packing was taken out. I didn’t have to go back to see how things were healing.

Since then I have had 3 surgeries in 1 year and have had daily pain 24/7. The pain on a scale from 1 to 10 is about a 30. I also have seen many many doctors and actually had one doctor that was very ignorant. This one doctor from Mount Sinai said to me “there’s nothing there I can hack away at your vagina if you want” . Once he said that to me I immediately said that I was leaving the hospital and he wasnt TOUCHING ME!!!!

I have been seeing a doctor that I would highly recommend. Her name is Dr. Roberts from Toronto. She is very understanding and she has said to me that she is NOT going to put me through anymore pain. She has recommended me to go to the pain clinic that is covered under ohip.

I have been put on 2 medications one is Gabapentin and Cymbalta . I have had to stop the Cymbalta as one of its side affects is it can cause hair to fall out and I have had to shave my head as I was having clumps of hair fall out and had many bald spots again.

This has been a long hard process. I have been suffering in pain daily for over 3 years now. The doctors are now saying that I have Vulvodynia. I have found many support forums and have joined this one Vulvodynia Support

I have had the nerves damaged and which in turn has caused the pain. The nerves were damaged from the first surgery and with having so many surgeries in such a short period of time. Now I just have to learn to live with the pain.

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Not Again!!!

  • Posted on September 30, 2011 at 3:10 pm

Well its happening again!!! My hair fell out a few years ago right after I got out of the hospital because of the glue they used to keep the electrodes on my head. When that happened I had to shave my head and get a wig. The wig I got, no one that didn’t know the situation knew it was a wig. I have had hair falling out again for a while now but lately for about the past week its been coming out in handfuls. I was told last night “ Yup you have a bald spot on the top of your head.” If it wasn’t for the Epilepsy Unit I wouldn’t have these other issues that I have been dealing with!!!!!!

I have chronic neurologic pain and now yet again my hairs falling out! I am so sick of the nonsence and wondering when the next thing is going to happen………. I try to think of myself as being lucky but come on theres only so much one person can take and I have had it. I am at my breaking point. If anyone has had the problems with the glue or the remover hurting and killing their hair please feel free to share your story with me and maybe this will also help other people.

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Doctors and Specialists having student doctors with them.

  • Posted on September 26, 2011 at 2:05 pm

Dr appointments……… argggggg

I don’t understand why some doctors that have students working with them don’t come in and introduce the student and ask if it would be ok if they look at you and are in with the doctor. I had 2 doctors appointments the other day and had a student doctor come in and say she wanted to do an exam. I said that I HAD ANOTHER DR APPOINTMENT THAT DAY AND SAID NO PLEASE……..this doctor was very ignorant we stood our ground and also told the dr that she better be prepaired to have me either frozen and if that didn’t happen the pain would knock me into a seizure…….

I stood my ground and actually was ready to walk out of my specialist appointment because of this student doctor. BUT she was kinda throwing a fit and went out to get my doctor (TALK to my doctor) and my doctor came back in with the student. MY DOCTOR TOLD ME “NO WE ARE NOT GOING TO PUT YOU THROUGH ANY MORE EXAMS” (which she already had told me before that she would NOT put me through the pain of the exams). I have a very painful health issue and my opinion is this student had just never seen it and thought okay I just want to see whats going on. I was so upset and ready to walk out as there was NO CARE for what we had to say and what we told her she had NO BEDSIDE MANNER AND DIDN’T LIKE BEING TOLD WHAT THE PROBLEM IS

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