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Cooking and Safety

  • Posted on November 8, 2011 at 10:30 pm

I LOVE to cook and haven’t been able to because of safety. There have been a few times I have ignored smokey (who is my seizure awareness cat). Also there have been times that I have thought that my stove was turned off before going to lay down and get safe, but I was too far into the start of the seizure episode. One time I was using the stove and I had thought that my stove was off, I went to lay down and when I came out of the seizure I had a plastic spatula that was too close to the burner and it was actually stuck to the burner when I came to after the seizure.

I have been using my slowcookers as well as my microwave for things when I am not able to have meals cooked for me. I feel aweful because it is not fair to someone to cook for me DAILY. It is bad when you feel like you are always having to be babysat for things. Like I have said in the beginning I love to cook and would love to be able to start cooking again, but to do that I have to get some of my other health issues under more control for example my chronic pain, swelling in legs and feet. These other health issues set off my seizures all of the time and sometimes I don’t realize how bad I actually am at times and find out later by being told. I try to do things and focus and push through when I am feeling bad instead of listening to my body and going to lay down, which I have to stop doing. I do wait too long a lot of times and after the fact is when I say ya I should have gone to lay down. I have a great cookbook that is for slowcookers which kinda gives me back that feeling of cooking (although not the same as using stove/oven lol ) it is this one, 470 Crockpot Recipes and that is what I use it has tons of recipies that are awesome. I bought it online as it is an ebook and would recommend it to anyone looking for slowcooker recipies because you can do anything in a slowcooker. It had everything from main meals to desserts, which I thought was awesome cause I didn’t know you could do desserts in a slowcooker.  This ebook has helped emensely to get me to feel a bit more self-sufficient and cook sometimes for myself. If any has issues with cooking or just likes using slow cookers than I would get this book.

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