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Everyone complained about Glee Episode

  • Posted on November 10, 2011 at 5:27 pm

Everyone complained about Glee Episode


I seen the latest episode of Glee and really don’t understand why everyone was so upset about it as I think it was very good showing the teens that there are pro’s and cons to teens having sex. It also had more than the sexual part of it. I found the young lad thats in the wheelchair (Artie Abrams) when he was talking it hit very very close to home. I know it is just a television show but his comments about being in the chair etc. He was explaining that with being in a chair you never feel self sufficient. Well that doesn’t just go for people in wheelchairs, it goes for other health issues as well and he couldn’t have said it better. Sometimes even just little things that you are able to do may not seem like much to others but it is a big deal. He said sometimes people worry about saying the wrong thing etc. and I do know that sometimes my friends don’t know what to say or how to say things but even a simple hello, how are you doing means more than anything. It could be when your having a bad day and it could make more of a difference than anyone realizes.


My 4 walls don’t talk to me very much and my cat on the other hand is too mouthy, lol lol, but a friend talking to me even bout the weather or their problems would mean so much sometimes. Sometimes I get told I am a nut, I do joke around a lot, but that is my way of coping with things when I am having rough times, may not be right, but thats how I do it.

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