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Explanation of Vicious Cycles

  • Posted on November 7, 2011 at 11:24 pm

I am not writing these for pity from anyone or to have anyone feel sorry for me but to try to have people understand how things are and how things interact with health issues

There are so many things that people do not realize when it comes to health issues making like a vicious circle. Last night I was laying watching television, and the tv made a loud sound. I inturn jumped and then that made the pain increase over another 10 times. As most of you know I have epilepsy and when my pain increases from the vulvodynia that sets off the seizures, but last night the pain increased so much that it actually made me sick to my stomache as well as it set off my I.B.S. I had taken my pain meds and had to try to take gravol to try to settle my stomache as well. When the seizures happen your body Is like dead weight therefore things just go from bad to worse. I today have been trying to recover from not only from the seizures but trying to get the pain back somewhat under control. I am on medication daily for the pain and I have never had the experience of being sick to my stomach over the pain. I have had my heart rate increase due to the pain and it also causes me to sweat profusely.

The pain increase set off my seizures and with that I couldn’t situate myself properly the way I usually do when sleeping. I usually have to sleep with 2 pillows between my legs as the pain is unbearable if I don’t and then the pain meds can not keep up with the pain to try to help keep the pain a bit down. Therefore a little thing like a loud noise can cause me to jump and tense up and that increases the pain. You don’t realize how many things can be affected by one health issue. I never did realize how 1 thing can affect others. Today I was out of it for over 12 hours and most people would say well why are you complaining.

If I was just sleeping it would be great, the thing is I WASN’T just sleeping I was having constant seizures due to the pain, When I finally came out of the seizures I had to immediately try to get the pain down a bit or the cycle would continue. I am sore from the seizures (which is normal after having seizures).

Trying to get the pain down a bit to where it normally is and have my system relax and stop my heart rate from being up as well as the sweating from the pain is NOT easy. Pain itself makes you tense, and when you have other things going on it makes it 10 times worse.


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