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Getting ready for November

  • Posted on October 30, 2012 at 5:15 pm

Getting ready for November

Ok we have to start Raising Awareness for Epilepsy. I am going to tell you a few things that have happened to me. I am not doing this for anyones sympathy or anyone to say that I want any attention because this is NOT the reason I am doing this. I have thought the best way to start to kick off November even though it’s a bit early is I am going to tell you a few things that have happened to me.

 With any hit in the head a person that has Epilepsy even if they have not had seizures before this a hit to the head can cause seizures to become active. If a person has a single seizure they don’t necessarily need an anticonvulsant. Usually doctors will put a person on an anticonvulsant medication after  a few seizures also some tests for example, an eeg catscan or mri. This is what I have been told by my neurologist.

When I was young we lived on a farm and I used to go out and help in the barn. I was not afraid of any of the cows, bulls etc. I was helping milk the cows and there were a couple of cows I was always allowed to milk by hand. We had a little stool and bucket and I would sit and milk the cow. Well as you can probably guess we either picked the wrong cow or she just didn’t want me to milk her this day, She brought up her back leg and I got a good swift kick in the head. Well the stool went one way and I went the other. I landed right in the gutter. Man oh man it stunk, everyone was in the house and they locked me out of the house once they made sure I wasn’t severely hurt other than having a nice sized goose egg on the side of my head and smelling from head to toe. My family got out the good old garden hose and hosed me down then I could go into the house and have a bath. Imagine the force that a huge cow had to kick me in the side of the head by the temple and leave a goose egg and very bad bruising .

I laugh about being kicked in the head now because I could just picture what I looked like after I was helped up and back to the house .

The second thing that I am going to tell you is a very serious head injury I had received.  I was living in Brampton and had been down to visit my grandmother who was going blind and needed someone to help her with things. I  had gone home layed down on the couch and had a few seizures. I remember starting to come out of the seizure and when I opened my eyes my cat was on the arm of the couch and all I could hear him doing was growling.  I then looked the way he was looking and growling. There were 3 young boys that had broke into my apartment and they had a baseball bat with them. The next thing I know I was getting beat with the bat. It seemed like the beating was going on forever I had massive bruising all over my face, head and arms. I was in total shock not to mention still being in the fog of coming out of seizures. Since I was beat with the bat in the head by the young kids my seizures have gotten a lot lot worse, After this beating is when I ended up with the Todd’s Paralysis, and my seizures have been out of control even with medication. I also know with this beating I had suffered brain damage, as is not uncommon when people have seizures.


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