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Many Years Ago An Experience Thanksgiving

  • Posted on September 22, 2013 at 1:31 am

This is something that happened many years ago when I was making our Thanksgiving Dinner. Yes at this time I was still allowed to use a stove and it’s a good thing because I had my children still at home.


Like I said I was making our Thanksgiving Dinner and wanted to make something different for desert, because the girls weren’t fussy on pumpkin pie, so I decided I would make them some rice crispy squares.I was wondering why the marshmallows were taking so long to melt, thinking about it now I should have know that I didn’t have the stove on. I finally realized that the stove wasn’t on so turned it on and got the rice crispy squares made and put away.

I had the turkey in the oven cooking and then started to peel the vegetables, which seemed to be taking me forever .We were  having potatoes carrots and turnip. I finally got them done and then went back into the living room, all I had to do was go back into the kitchen to check the turkey until I put the vegetables on. Everything seemed to be going okay, I went into the kitchen and checked on the turkey a few times, and back to relax a bit in the living room. Okay now time to go back and check on the turkey.

I got up, went into the kitchen got the oven door open and that is the last I remember. Then everything went wild, my oldest daughter called 911 and they hung up on her 2 times . She called back and was trying to get an ambulance to come because at this point I am starting to turn a bit blue apparently. My other daughter went running over to her Uncle’s house and because she was in the other room she didn’t know what happened she told her Uncle that I fell off the counter, he said what was she doing up on the counter. Then he came over to the house and took the phone from my daughter and they told him that they thought my daughter was playing with the phone. I didn’t come to until the ambulance drivers were at the house and they had my one arm out checking my blood pressure and I don’t know what the other paramedic was doing. When I woke up, it is some scary waking up and all I remember is seeing the ambulance crest, not knowing where you were or who the people were was some terrifying when coming out of a seizure.

More to come on this……..

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