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Health vs Food (Choose Health or Food)

  • Posted on February 4, 2012 at 10:32 pm

I just had to get some cream for my feet that’s not covered under O.D.S.P. and the medication for it was 70.00 and it had to be paid before I could get the medication. I have fissures on the bottom of my feet and they are bleeding and very very sore. There was NO time for getting a doctors letter for a section 8 so I had to pay for the medication out of my O.D.S.P. This in turn doesn’t leave much for my food because I pay 800.00 for rent and only get 1000.00 per month. I am so sick of struggling over things for my health and with not being able to work is very very depressing. I have many health issues and am on many medications. My doctor sent in a section 8 once already for one of the other meds that he wanted to put me on and the government DIDN‘T APPROVE IT therefore he had to find something that isn’t as good. That’s what we get for being disabled.

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Seriousness of Epilepsy

  • Posted on December 1, 2011 at 9:19 pm

This post is to let everyone know that with any of my posts I in NO WAY am trying to make light of epilepsy and how serious it is. I do know how serious it is and do know that for every seizure I have I do have a chance of NOT coming out of it. I also know that with each seizure it does cause brain damage. I have made the choice to joke around and have a smile on my face even through the rough times. That is the way I deal with it Personally! Please do not think that epilepsy is a joke in any way shape or form. I choose NOT to have people feel sorry for me as this is not what I want.

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Doctors and Specialists having student doctors with them.

  • Posted on September 26, 2011 at 2:05 pm

Dr appointments……… argggggg

I don’t understand why some doctors that have students working with them don’t come in and introduce the student and ask if it would be ok if they look at you and are in with the doctor. I had 2 doctors appointments the other day and had a student doctor come in and say she wanted to do an exam. I said that I HAD ANOTHER DR APPOINTMENT THAT DAY AND SAID NO PLEASE……..this doctor was very ignorant we stood our ground and also told the dr that she better be prepaired to have me either frozen and if that didn’t happen the pain would knock me into a seizure…….

I stood my ground and actually was ready to walk out of my specialist appointment because of this student doctor. BUT she was kinda throwing a fit and went out to get my doctor (TALK to my doctor) and my doctor came back in with the student. MY DOCTOR TOLD ME “NO WE ARE NOT GOING TO PUT YOU THROUGH ANY MORE EXAMS” (which she already had told me before that she would NOT put me through the pain of the exams). I have a very painful health issue and my opinion is this student had just never seen it and thought okay I just want to see whats going on. I was so upset and ready to walk out as there was NO CARE for what we had to say and what we told her she had NO BEDSIDE MANNER AND DIDN’T LIKE BEING TOLD WHAT THE PROBLEM IS

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