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PERFECT finally a site that wont trigger my seizures :)

  • Posted on September 19, 2012 at 3:23 am

Hey have you ever had problems finding the perfect website to buy or sell things? I always find a lot are too flashy for me and trigger my seizures… . Well if you have answered YES then I have found the site for you!

Whooooohoooooo finally a site that won’t trigger my photo epileptic seizures! This site also has online support (in a chat room ) you can go in and ask questions right there and then and the staff is more than willing to help. You can either go into flea chatters to ask your question or you can email them with the question. Everyone is very friendly without making you feel like any questions that you are asking are silly. Also due to my memory being bad from so many seizures you can ask the same question over and over again and they help you as if it was the very first time that you have asked the question. They will take as much time with you as you need and not try to rush you or avoid the questions. I am sooooo happy that I have found this site and with Christmas coming up and birthdays and the fact that I am not able to get out of the apartment very often I know where I am going to be getting a lot of my Christmas things this year as well as Birthday gifts (with hopefully the odd treat here and there for me heeheehee). They have a lot of categories to choose from and I have seen someone ask if a category can be added and they don’t have problems doing that either.

They are supportive and helpful to everyone and each month I think they are donating a certain percentage of the sites profit to a charity. There’s also a news area where they tell you what’s going on, and how to do things that show you for anyone that’s new to selling or buying things online. The method of payment is paypal as far as I know, so no credit cards are even required.

I know I will be selling anything that I decide to on here and I think its really worth going in and checking it out. They have everything from ebooks to other digital forms of selling and us females (and even guys I know where you can get the her in your life) some very nice jewelry. Also very good for any crafters out there they have beads and things for the crafters J. I have talked to the owners and they are going to be having live auctions coming too and those again won’t be flashy!

The sites name that is an awesome and very supportive of people with Epilepsy / Seizures as well as other disabilities is FleaBids Auction House @ http://fleabids.com/auction Check it out I can guarantee you will be glad you did!! I know I am super excited about it and all that it offers for everyone JJ .

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Epilepsy and Holiday Awareness

  • Posted on November 1, 2011 at 7:25 pm

I am going to do the one bout “holidays” etc and how even tho its a great occasion for everyone people with Epilepsy will probably dred them. I know I do.. I would like to have any people that go to bars think about the lighting and strobe lights when they go into a bar. I know there are a lot of people that say “WHAT DO YOU EXPECT WHEN YOU GO TO A BAR” but seriously this is a medical condition that no one can help and certainly no one has asked to have epilepsy. Just because I have epilepsy doesn’t mean I have to stay at home and can’t go out and enjoy things the way everyone else does. I think that it is about time that bar owners realize that the lighting can cause people to have issues with your health. The more they know the better it is. They have to be aware of the risks people are taking and how many people can not go into their establishment so not only is it not fair to the people that would like to go into their bars etc but they are loosing money on loosing customers.

It is sad that if you bring it up as they will loose money they are more apt to change things.

Halloween: I really enjoy going out to bars on Halloween and seeing everyone dressed up in costumes. The problem is there are a lot of bars that have either flashing lights or the strobe lights on. I don’t like drawing attention to myself and asking them to turn the lights off or not to turn the lights on. I have to call ahead or ask some people that go to the certain bars if they have the lights on and if they are, that means I can’t go to the bar. Photo Epilepsy there are a lot of different variants of photo epilepsy. I have it so bad that even the flashing lights of a car can set me into a seizure. I am not saying or expecting people to go out and not have a good time, or to have pitty or feel sorry for me because that is the last thing that I want. I do not like pitty parties.

Please make people aware that even Halloween and some of the flashing lights are dangerous for others.

Really do you need the lights on strobe or flashing to have a good time when it can help someone just get out. I am asking people to make aware some bars or establishments in your area of these simple things that can give someone a night out and way to have a good time as well as you .


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