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The NEW “Ask ‘lil Lisa”

  • Posted on December 28, 2011 at 7:55 pm

Well after some thinking I’ve decided to start an Ask ‘lil Lisa area. I get lots of people asking me questions all the time about different health things, how to deal with situations etc… So it seems only right to share my experiences and answers with everyone.

Now I am not a doctor, I don’t have initials after my name or anything, so before using any advise whether from this site or any site, always talk to YOUR Doctor, Pharamacist, Nutritionist etc… I take no responsibilty for your health or well-being.

Now that is out of the way… what is Ask ‘lil Lisa? Well, it is what it says, if you have questions regarding things like, Epilepsy, Chronic Pain, Seizures (non-epileptic), IBS, Incontenants, Chrons, Celiac Disease, Seizure/Epilepsy medications, dealing with events in your life, or any of the like, ask me. I will give you my personal advise and in some cases my own personal experiences in dealing and coping with these issues and more.

Just click on the link at the top called “Ask ‘lil Lisa” and ask a question or read others questions and my answers.

Again, when it comes to health, always consult a real doctor before doing or changing things. Use of information on this site is meant to help inform and make it easier for you to talk to a professional about options.

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