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  • Posted on October 18, 2013 at 9:57 pm


Here I was put on a medication (patch) for my chronic pain and yes it has been working for my pain but we just have to get the proper dose of it now. I thought FANTASTIC I know that it isn’t going to take my pain down fully but at least it will cut it down to about 12 or so. Well my great luck as it is lol lol I ended up with a different form of medication the second set of patches were made by a different company, which in turn gave me sores that look like burns on my chest and shoulder. The very first patch done by the new company gave a little breakout of a rash. The second patch gave me a rash that looked like a burn on my chest. After I go to the doctor and he sees this you aren’t going to believe what happens. Just my luck and then tell me if I do or don’t have reasons to be frustrated.




This is my chest the area where the patch was. This is the rash that looks like the burn and the following few pictures are of the same areas. It is so sore there is also an area on my shoulder that is the same and very sore as well.
















df6506f8-0c65-4c9b-b449-6930a8e990feThis one is from my left shoulder.






Okay so I had a doctor appointment and the doctor says to me NOT to use that patch anymore because I am having a reaction theres something in the glue that I am allergic to. We are trying another patch with another glue that hopefully I wont have a reaction to. He gives me a prescription and it is taken to the drugstore to be filled. I am on ODSP and they cover certain medications. I got a call many hours after the prescription was taken in to be filled. They inform me that the medication is not covered and it was going to cost me 117.00 for a 2 week supply. Well obviously I tell them I can’t afford that so they cant order it. The next day both me and my cousin were on the phone to different people to get things figured out. We got things figured out by noon. Once again I am thinking okay great the new medication is going to be delivered and I will be able to get that on my arm and my pain will be brought down some. Well by the time 6p.m. comes I am starting to wonder whats going on so I phone the pharmacy and they told me the delivery person was there at that time so my medication will be here within the next 5 to 10 minutes. I’m thinking okay great (remember the time frame here it is important) and once again I sit and wait, and wait and wait, and time is dragging on and on and on, it’s about 7p.m. now so I phone them again the answer I get is OH LISA WHAT TIME DID YOU SAY YOU WANTED IT DELIVERED BECAUSE IT DIDN’T GET PUT OUT FOR DELIVERY it was still sitting in the Rexall Pharma Plus Drugmart. (I will tell you by this time I can feel my blood pressure rising and I am in a bad mood ) They were going to TRY to get in touch with the delivery person because they SHOULD be able to get back there and pick up my medication and deliver it later.

I mean we had asked before 1 oclock in the afternoon to have the medication delivered and the delivery doesnt start til about 5 or 6. When I called at 6 p.m. and they told me my medication would be 5 or 10 minutes because the driver was there at that time. Then they ask me if I could have someone come and pick it up for me, by this time I am really getting cranky and ready to rant on them so I said NO THAT’S WHY ITS SUPPOSE TO BE DELIVERED!!!!   They asked me my address (meanwhile its on the tags for my prescription, then they ask me the closest intersection, and by this time I said THE SAME AS YOURS I AM RIGHT BEHIND THE LIQUOR  STORE.

I finally got the medication but even when I got it the delivery guy was NOT very friendly he kinda slapped it quickly in my hand and took off.  I can’t get over the fact that when Nina, Mildred, and there are a few others there that I don’t have any problems but when they are not there I always have problems or issues. I usually try to deal with Mildred or Nina, and there are a few other people in that drug store that are very very good people.

Now you can make your decisions as to if I had the right to be angry or not………………………….Thanks




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Domestic Violence Month !!!!!

  • Posted on October 8, 2013 at 8:29 pm

Blog for abusive relationship month!!    Domestic Violence Month   !!!!

Abusive Relationship Month

I grew up with an abusive father, from my father going out after work
drinking. He would come home drunk and throw a fit if his dinner
was sitting in the oven cold, or he would pick a fight with Mom. We went
through lots of stuff with Mom and Dad fighting when we were kids. I would
stay up in the living room with Mom and we got to know Dad’s truck and
when we saw it coming we would all pretend we were asleep.

We had an Airedale terrier growing up. I got her when I was in
kindergarten and  there was so much going on that I can only tell you a
few things, or I would be here writing all day. Just filling you in on the
things that happened, so for now I will just tell you a few things.

Mom had uterine cancer and had gone in for her surgery. She had been
released from the hospital and my grandmother was going to be coming
up the next day. Mom was resting on the couch and Dad came in and wanted his
dinner. When Mom asked him if he could get it himself, that was enough for
him to throw a fit.
He started yelling, screaming and threatening Mom. He then told mom she
wasn’t going anywhere, he would slash all her tires. He took a knife, went
outside and  we were all in the bedroom because we all slept in the same
room in the house in Pefferlaw.

Mom got away from Dad and ran to the bathroom, locked the door and Dad
went up to the door threatening for Mom to open the door or she would be
sorry. Mom didn’t open the door, so Dad kicked the door and grabbed Mom.
Then grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to the living room. She ended
up making the dinner for him and while he was eating Mom tried to get us
out of the house to leave.

There were friends of the family that lived down the street and we were
going to go there. Mom didn’t want to go to the motel we used to go to all
the time on Highway 48, because there were many many times Mom and Dad
would argue and Dad would get miserable and start beating my mom.

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A Day in My Life

  • Posted on August 26, 2013 at 8:29 pm

For the people that don’t understand what it is like to have the health issues that are listed here on the site that I have.

I sit in my apartment day after day and I am not able to go out anywhere by myself, I want to go out so bad and sometimes feel like I am going to go crazy sitting here . I  have not been out in so long, I don’t even remember the last time  that I was out. I know I am not the only one that goes through this but how does everyone deal with this because I am having a hard time dealing with it………. I would like EVERYONE to think about this for a minute, what would you do if can’t go out anywhere , can’t use the stove have to have people cook for you, that you are in constant pain having to try to deal with not being steady on your feet so have to use a cane inside or take the chance of falling and use a walker outside.






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Donate coffee money…..

  • Posted on July 4, 2012 at 12:29 pm

As some may know Lisa (my cousin) is currently in hospital. I want to do something special for her. She really needs a window AC as this heat is really bad for her. Please donate coffee money to help raise money to cover cost and to pay the $35/mth her building charges for hydro. It was 29C in her apt today. Please help with coffee money as she is on disability and cannot afford an AC. Please send any donations through Paypal to david@dgbaker.com

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History of my health

  • Posted on June 14, 2012 at 3:49 pm

Many people suffer from depression, especially those with health issues. People that deal with health issues  deal in many different ways. I try to laugh and joke around about most of mine, for me this is a coping mechanism and not for people to think I take them lightly. I know how serious all of my health problems are and don##Q##t take chances on things. You can look at it like this the 2 different ways to deal or cope is either  to be happy or you can curl up in a corner and feel sorry for yourself and play the poor me routine.

I didn##Q##t realize just all the health issues I have had and will have for the rest of my life until I sat down and had to make a list for my new specialist. Now looking at this list I think holy cow what else could go wrong with me…… Well never mind don##Q##t answer that lol lol lol.

The list of my health issues are as follows :

Uterine Cancer (no follow up after Hysterectomy) age 24

Partial Hysterectomy at age 24

Epilepsy – Multiple classes of seizures (Started as a child)

Two operations on both knees (patella)

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Incontinence (tilted bladder – Bladder opening stretched 2-3 times as a child)

Gallbladder removed around age 30 (gallstones)

Appendix removed around age 15

Gangrenous removed age 15  – was wrapped around fallopian tube and ovary choking them off

Age 13 put on special diet for bowel blockage (very overly limited on what was allowed to eat)

No teeth due to extremely week enamel – cement from braces decayed the teeth – all teeth removed around age 23

Chronic Neurological Pain in Left Vulva – started by Bartholin Gland Abscess – Requiring 1 triage emergency surgery, another to remove excessive scar tissue and a 3rd to remove a small cyst on left labia

Alopecia – twice have had head hair fall out in clumps (within the past 3 years)

Todd’s Paralysis (loss of complete feeling – left arm only to total body from neck down) – 4 years ago

Vitalago – Primarily on face

Prone to infections especially in  open cuts/wounds

Have difficulty regulating body temperature a times

Cannot handle temps above 25C

Night sweats

Sleepwalking – Nocturnal Seizures (have opened/unlocked apt door and put things in the hall, put things in the fridge, have had falls that woke me up)

Barely get 3-4hrs sleep a night

Difficult to build muscle mass

Deaf in right ear – no cause known

Depression and have had suicidal thoughts in life

3 miscarriages

Open sores/wounds on legs (started as a red rash live hives, burning, hot to the touch, itchy) legs and feet blood red (Still ongoing with therapy)

Kicked in head by a cow (age 7)

Prone to falling – uncountable times of hitting head

Thyroid – had old doctor say body and brain don’t agree with each other (no clue what that meant)

Enlarged Red blood cells – no treatments given

Struck in head repeatedly with baseball while having seizure (home invasion)

Now I look at this and to be HONEST I want to cry but where will that get me right. Will it make anything better, No is the answer so laughing and joking is the way to go I believe.

The health issues that are in that list above some I have had and are gone and some I am stuck with for the rest of my life

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Health issues coming out of the closet.

  • Posted on March 1, 2012 at 10:28 pm

First of all I want to say I have not done any posts lately due to my health being worse since Christmas. My seizures have been off the wall and I have been dealing with the soles of my feet now having fissures. My pain has been up as well (30 on a 1-10 scale) which just makes every other issue that much worse.

Now too today’s post, which I hope everyone takes something from it.

Health Issues ARE NOT asked for NOR wanted! Society as a whole needs to grow up and start being a bit more understanding when it comes to health issues and others!! This would make the world a much better place and happier place as well!!

Today I had to deal with another person that doesn’t understand Health issues and in fact was being just plain ignorant. This person though it would be fun to them and hurtful to others to tease about a health issue. I have been struggling a long time about doing a blog on this longer than I have about my seizures because people just don’t understand and it is criticized so much.  After today though (thanks to this persons ignorance) I have the courage to talk about it here.  Incontinence isn’t just a health issue that affects the elderly or babies. It can happen to anyone, any age. I have had to wear what they call “Adult diapers” and I truly hate them being called that. To this day just call them Tenas or Depends (both are brand names), using the word “diaper” is part of the problem with the stigmatism. Anyone that knows anything about seizures knows that incontinence comes hand in hand when you have seizures.

The ignorance and intolerance felt by people with disabilities is akin to gays and lesbians in the fact we end up “staying in the closet” with regards to our health in order to avoid ridicule, humiliation, bullying, teasing etc. Well, as you can tell, I’ve had enough and I am no longer afraid to talk and speak up about my health if only in the hopes that it helps teach others and help others not to be afraid of talking about health issues. To make matters worse I also have I.B.S (irritable bowel syndrome) as well as a bladder issue that I have had since I was younger. When I was younger I had to have the opening of my bladder stretched 3 times as it didn’t grow with me. This though has caused the incontinence to be worse over the years instead of better. So, when you put all of that on top of having seizures, having to wear Depends is something I have to live with daily.

For those that have what you may call “embarrassing” health issues, DO NOT be embarrassed. There is no shame in having health issues; it is just a fact of life. With help of true friends and family I have been able to come to terms better with my own health and learn not to hide it. At times I embrace it as it has made me a better person in the fact I do not judge others for any reason. Do I wish I didn’t have these health issues? Of course!! I’d have to be insane not too, but the fact remains I have health issues, I have “disabilities”, but I also now have strength and courage to take the hand I have been dealt and use it to reach out to others and maybe give them a hand to be stronger.

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T.V. show Glee makes light of Epilepsy

  • Posted on February 28, 2012 at 7:08 pm

I’ve had Epilepsy for nearly 40 years and was appalled when a episode of Glee in Feb 2012 did a reference to faking seizures. In a scene trying to stop the wedding of two of the ‘kids’ on the show, the charactor played by Jeff Goldblum made a reference to buying time by faking an Epileptic Seizure.  What made matter worse was the theme of the episode was all about intollernce and acceptance. The moral of the story it seemed was accept others for the way they are, but if they have epilepsy it is still ok to poke fun of seizures. As I’ve stated before Epilepsy is a very serious illness and not one to be taken lightly. In Canada here we are passing a bill for Epilepsy Awareness which I hope some day will make people more aware of how serious it can be.

A lot of people think Epilepsy is a joke as they only see Gran Mal seizures in movies and online. There are over a dozen of high level type seizures with many different forms under that.  I sincerly hope there will be a time when we stop making light of epilepsy and seizures.

I will admit I do/did love the show Glee, but I am now questioning whether or not to continue watching it in light of this episode.

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  • Posted on January 13, 2012 at 8:13 pm

I have been talking to people lately and have heard some truely AWEFUL THINGS that they have been through!!!!!  I know one personally and they went to a foodbank in Ontario to get help with food for the month and were turned away because they were told that they make too much money.

This person lives alone and is on DISABILITY!!!  This person is on ODSP. Please tell me how in the hell they can be turned away and told that they make too much money on DISABILITY!! I can not believe this. I am going to be doing some research on foodbanks and trying to find out how they can turn a person away that doesn’t waste money on booze, illegal drugs, this person doesn’t spend money on things that they don’t need. They have not gone to foodbanks unless they need to as they know that there are others out there with children that need the food and they just have finally agreed that they need the help. They would rather NOT eat than go to a food bank to take from others and then this happens. This just shows another way that things are screwing the people that need the help and are not getting any help that they need. They finally agree to get more help and get REFUSED.

Please also sign the petition for fixing Disability (ODSP). http://stopthepoverty.com/petitions/raise-the-rates-campaign/

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Welcome to December!

  • Posted on December 1, 2011 at 8:28 pm

Welcome to December!
I would like to welcome everyone to December. This is a great month with Christmas and everything families getting together, celebrating the holidays and the New Year sneaking right around the corner. I would like to let everyone know how December affects me. You know the song “I wear my sunglasses at night” lol lol well that’s me cause I have to wear my sunglasses due to Christmas lights. Ya I know the nut in me is coming out again trying to joke around about my seizures, but hey what can you do you either have to make the best of it or be all down in the dumps. Believe me I do get down because this time of year I have to be very careful of going out, even in the apartment building I live in they have the flashing Santa on the door to outside and in the lobby windows. Therefore when going out I have sunglasses on and have to also close my eyes and be led outside lol lol lol….  Everyone that has the Christmas lights flashing etc. which makes it very hard on me, as well as others. I have some great friends tho that when I do go out they make sure that there are no flashing lights around me. Well other than camera’s but they have even asked people to be careful of their flashes because we all know that this time of year that’s another thing that people love to do. I am guilty of taking a ton of pictures too but I can never use a flash lol lol.

Please note that my joking about this (seizures) and me having seizures and epilepsy is only my way of dealing with it. By any means seizures is not a joking matter and is quite serious.

How about this December think about some other people with different health issues when putting your outside lights on and maybe for one year don’t have the flashers on?

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Vets Incompitance, Buried instead of Creamated

  • Posted on November 24, 2011 at 6:27 pm

Vets Incompitance, Buried instead of Creamated

I can not believe a vets incompitance! I have heard of someone loosing their family pet and wanting to get the family member (pet) creamated. They told the vet this and paid for the creamation and everything! A few days later the vet calls them back and tells them that there has been a mistake made, and their animal was buried instead of creamated. Then proceed to say that this has never happened before and they would reimburse the money for the creamation! But the family still has to pay for the buriel!! How disgusting is this?!!!!! This should NEVER EVER HAPPEN!!!!! For anyone who has animals they are just the same as a person except they have fur. We love our animals just like you would love an aunt, uncle. brother, sister or any human being. Would we accept this type of incompitence if the wrong person was put in the funeral home. I myself think that something needs to be done to make sure that this does not happen again to any other family and that this vet is held responcible for their actions. How would they react if it happened to them?
I do understand that they are human and that everyone makes mistakes, BUT this is NOT a MISTAKE that is ACCEPTABLE!! When they are buring animals or creamating they should make sure they are doing the proper animals. Also making sure that they don’t do this again!!!!
I am furious that a MISTAKE like this can be made!!!!!
For them to say that they could dig up the animal but there are no guarentees that they would dig up the proper animal and then creamate. Could you imagine getting a phonecall like this after loosing your family pet. Like I have said they are family members the only difference is that they have fur!!!!

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