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Domestic Violence Month !!!!!

  • Posted on October 8, 2013 at 8:29 pm

Blog for abusive relationship month!!    Domestic Violence Month   !!!!

Abusive Relationship Month

I grew up with an abusive father, from my father going out after work
drinking. He would come home drunk and throw a fit if his dinner
was sitting in the oven cold, or he would pick a fight with Mom. We went
through lots of stuff with Mom and Dad fighting when we were kids. I would
stay up in the living room with Mom and we got to know Dad’s truck and
when we saw it coming we would all pretend we were asleep.

We had an Airedale terrier growing up. I got her when I was in
kindergarten and  there was so much going on that I can only tell you a
few things, or I would be here writing all day. Just filling you in on the
things that happened, so for now I will just tell you a few things.

Mom had uterine cancer and had gone in for her surgery. She had been
released from the hospital and my grandmother was going to be coming
up the next day. Mom was resting on the couch and Dad came in and wanted his
dinner. When Mom asked him if he could get it himself, that was enough for
him to throw a fit.
He started yelling, screaming and threatening Mom. He then told mom she
wasn’t going anywhere, he would slash all her tires. He took a knife, went
outside and  we were all in the bedroom because we all slept in the same
room in the house in Pefferlaw.

Mom got away from Dad and ran to the bathroom, locked the door and Dad
went up to the door threatening for Mom to open the door or she would be
sorry. Mom didn’t open the door, so Dad kicked the door and grabbed Mom.
Then grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to the living room. She ended
up making the dinner for him and while he was eating Mom tried to get us
out of the house to leave.

There were friends of the family that lived down the street and we were
going to go there. Mom didn’t want to go to the motel we used to go to all
the time on Highway 48, because there were many many times Mom and Dad
would argue and Dad would get miserable and start beating my mom.

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