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Seizure Texting

Okay I have had more seizure texting happening and I do get very upset about it. I send a bunch of garble to people then have to explain it later. I do try to warn my friends about it but this is something that I am very self-conscious about and it really bothers me when people make fun of it or start to joke about it . I try to joke around about most of the seizures etc but this is something that I am having a real hard time with. I usually spell very good. I have always done really well in spelling. Maybe this is why I am having such an issue with this but I just can’t seem to joke around or laugh about it. My spelling goes from proper spelling to just a bunch of letters or sometimes spaces and symbols. I didn’t think about this when I got my phone which is a touch screen phone therefore it makes it so easy to do the seizure texting.
I have been having a lot of issues with my spelling when either going into a seizure or my cousin David says that I seizure text. It is mainly like garble and you cannot understand what I am trying to say. I know what I am saying at the time but even I have no clue what it is after the fact. Does anyone have this happening? If so how do you deal with it? Do you warn people (your friends) beforehand or wait until something happens and then just explain what has happened? I know my cousin can explain what I mean by the things I type he may be able to write a few examples of things I have done.

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