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Dr. Phil part 2

  • Posted on September 15, 2011 at 5:33 pm

At least dr. phil had said many times in the interview yesterday to the Anthonys that people would love to shake Cindy awake. She is still making excuses for her daughter about her poor grand daughters murder. Cindy had the nerve to say that she had her answer that day the jury came back and her daughter got out of jail. No one mentioned what I heard on the tv that day about the tree near where the body was found being struck by lightening. In my opinion that was the poor innocent little angels way of saying that things were NOT right!!!! That her mother DIDN’T pay for what she did to her….. There was also one comment made a few times by Dr.Phil that said that people would love to shake their tv’s. Well I was one of the people that would have loved to. During the trial from what I seen I thought the grandfather had something to do with it. Now I actually feel bad for the grandfather as he seems to know that his daughter is responcible for what happened. I hate to think of the things that the little angel went through……apparently there’s suppose to be another part to this interview with dr. phil…. But I am not sure if I am going to be watching it as I just cant stand the way Cindy is and just would like to wake that grandmother  up.

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Dr. Phil show with the Anthony’s – Appalled!!!!!

  • Posted on September 14, 2011 at 8:54 pm

I was watching the Dr. Phil interview with the Anthony’s and really could not believe that the mother brought up that their daughter had a grand mal seizure the night she got out of jail. She is really in denial and trying to make people think that because their daughter had a grand mal seizure this would make her do the things that she did to her daughter, that dear little child. I am a mother of 2 and have Epilepsy and have never ever thought of doing any such thing to my children. This in my opinion is going to make people totally afraid of anyone with epilepsy as they were many many years ago. We have worked so hard to have the public know that just because we have seizures we do not harm people. Do cancer patience hurt other people that don’t have cancer NO and this is a backslide for anyone with EPILEPSY.!!! Pleasse see the facebook listing as well that there was a doctor talked to and he also says that there is no reason to believethat.

I have had epilepsy since I was younger and don’t have any criminal record , nor have I lashed out because of a seizure etc so please do not believe that statement that Cindy Anthonymade on the Dr.Phil show .  I also wrote into the message boards as this is something I personally feel is not going to do good for anyone with Epilepsy. I have had many people turn against me because they didnt understand it and thats what we are all trying to do, is to make awareness and make people NOT be afraid but raise POSITIVE awareness.

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