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Epilepsy Awareness

  • Posted on April 16, 2010 at 4:05 pm

I would like to take this time to help other people with Epilepsy understand it a bit better and let them know my experiences both good and bad. I have pictures from when I spent a month in the hospital due to my epilepsy and after that I had to end up shaving my head because I was loosing my hair. The only way others can understand that they are not alone on this is to see that others have gone through the same thing. Hence my decision to do these write ups and let others know what I have gone through will help I do believe. Look through the pictures that are epilepsy awareness to see things I have gone through . I have pictures of when I was in the hospital with the eeg. leads on my head for a month.

Getting Wired Up

A year ago I had what they called Todd’s paralysis. During this time I spent almost 100% of my time in bed not able to move my left side plus both of my legs. I went from that to slowly walking with a walker and then walking on my own. I would like to let everyone know that if it wasnt for my cousin and his helping me during this time I would not be here as he came over to the apartment to make sure I had food and drinks. He did this for the full time I was not able to feel my left side and feel my legs.
If you want to find out information about epilepsy the following book is one that I would highly recommend. I have read it and there are a lot of answers in it and I found out a lot of information that I did not know about. You can find it here along with other health books. My suggestion tho is to grab the Epilepsy book before it goes back to regular price. check it out here The Lisa Pages E-Store

Feel Free to contact me – epilepsy (at) thelisapages.com

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