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Seizure Awareness Cat

  • Posted on September 18, 2011 at 9:39 pm

Yes that title is correct. I have a seizure awareness cat.

I know that there are some people out there that are not going to believe what I have to say about my cat and I consider myself very very lucky to have a cat that warns me of my seizures. I do have many health issues and my cat is very smart and seems to know when I am in rough shape and sticks to me like a dog on a leash. He will walk a couple of steps then turn around and look at me to make sure I am still listening to him and following him.

I have had my cat since he was a kitten. He is now about 6 or 7 years old and he warns me when I am going to have seizures. I have had times that I have ignored him and he comes to me and wont stop meowing, jumping up on me and smacking me until I go and sit down. At first I didn’t realize what he was doing but after a while we put it together and when he comes to me like that I usually have to listen to him as that means there is a seizure coming. Unfortunately I don’t usually have an Aura to warn me so he is my living Aura. He has had no training to do any of this but has just picked this up and done it automatically. I have been standing in the kitchen at times and he will come in and grab me or smack me, he’s never too rough but he doesn’t give up until I listen to what he is trying to tell me. If I have fallen he stays with me or is with me again when I wake up. I know some skeptical people are going to say THERES NO WAY HE DOES THAT and he doesn’t warn you about seizures but it is true. I have many family members as well as friends that have seen him and what he does…… also if I wait too long and don’t make it to the couch or bed and end up on the floor when he hears someone coming in the apartment he will go to meet them meowing his head off and lead them right to where I am on the floor. I was not aware of this but have had my family and friends tell me about this.

I consider myself very very lucky to have a cat that can tell somehow, whether its instincts or what I have no clue but he does and now I am getting used to listening to him as he has saved me many many times from being hurt seriously. He also will get up and lay on my legs so that I can not get up if he thinks I am not going to listen to him and going to get up.

When I have company its like my cat says “okay I have time to myself” and he goes and does his own thing, but my close family and friends have seen incidents and if I am on the phone and the cats crying etc my family will say “YOU BETTER GO AND RELAX” because they know that he is telling me to!!!!

Anyone that says animals can’t tell are wrong! I have a cat that can tell when people are sick and when I am going to have seizures as well as when my other health issues are bothering me. He is my pet, my health alert, and my savior. He is Smokey…..

Seizure Aware Cat

Seizure Aware Cat


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