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Vets Incompitance, Buried instead of Creamated

  • Posted on November 24, 2011 at 6:27 pm

Vets Incompitance, Buried instead of Creamated

I can not believe a vets incompitance! I have heard of someone loosing their family pet and wanting to get the family member (pet) creamated. They told the vet this and paid for the creamation and everything! A few days later the vet calls them back and tells them that there has been a mistake made, and their animal was buried instead of creamated. Then proceed to say that this has never happened before and they would reimburse the money for the creamation! But the family still has to pay for the buriel!! How disgusting is this?!!!!! This should NEVER EVER HAPPEN!!!!! For anyone who has animals they are just the same as a person except they have fur. We love our animals just like you would love an aunt, uncle. brother, sister or any human being. Would we accept this type of incompitence if the wrong person was put in the funeral home. I myself think that something needs to be done to make sure that this does not happen again to any other family and that this vet is held responcible for their actions. How would they react if it happened to them?
I do understand that they are human and that everyone makes mistakes, BUT this is NOT a MISTAKE that is ACCEPTABLE!! When they are buring animals or creamating they should make sure they are doing the proper animals. Also making sure that they don’t do this again!!!!
I am furious that a MISTAKE like this can be made!!!!!
For them to say that they could dig up the animal but there are no guarentees that they would dig up the proper animal and then creamate. Could you imagine getting a phonecall like this after loosing your family pet. Like I have said they are family members the only difference is that they have fur!!!!

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