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Welcome to December!

  • Posted on December 1, 2011 at 8:28 pm

Welcome to December!
I would like to welcome everyone to December. This is a great month with Christmas and everything families getting together, celebrating the holidays and the New Year sneaking right around the corner. I would like to let everyone know how December affects me. You know the song “I wear my sunglasses at night” lol lol well that’s me cause I have to wear my sunglasses due to Christmas lights. Ya I know the nut in me is coming out again trying to joke around about my seizures, but hey what can you do you either have to make the best of it or be all down in the dumps. Believe me I do get down because this time of year I have to be very careful of going out, even in the apartment building I live in they have the flashing Santa on the door to outside and in the lobby windows. Therefore when going out I have sunglasses on and have to also close my eyes and be led outside lol lol lol….  Everyone that has the Christmas lights flashing etc. which makes it very hard on me, as well as others. I have some great friends tho that when I do go out they make sure that there are no flashing lights around me. Well other than camera’s but they have even asked people to be careful of their flashes because we all know that this time of year that’s another thing that people love to do. I am guilty of taking a ton of pictures too but I can never use a flash lol lol.

Please note that my joking about this (seizures) and me having seizures and epilepsy is only my way of dealing with it. By any means seizures is not a joking matter and is quite serious.

How about this December think about some other people with different health issues when putting your outside lights on and maybe for one year don’t have the flashers on?

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